Raptors Athletics Castle Rock, CO

Every year around the nation little leaguers, footballers, and youth lacrosse players strap on their pads, hop in their mom’s minivan, and get geared up for another season of league team sports. Youth team sports have been proven to build friendships, teach teamwork, and build social skills in children. All which will round your kid out as a tough team player that also knows how to have fun.

There are seemingly dozens of different junior and youth sports programs but not all have the resources and coaching staff to give you kid the best opportunity to grow  – but Raptors Athletics in Castle Rock, CO does.

Let’s learn more about Raptor Athletics in Castle Rock including the programs offered, what type of titles The Raptors have brought back to Castle Rock, and more about the league. If you’re looking for a reason to move to Castle Rock or Castle Pines, Raptors Athletics might be that reason. If you want a great competitive sports organization for your kid, you cannot beat Raptors Athletics and their staff.

Reasons to Move to Castle Rock, CO - Raptors Athletics

More Information:

  • Football – The Raptors offer football for 1st through 8th graders. The Raptors football program is certified as a Heads Up Football program which focuses on player safety.

  • Boys and Girls Basketball – The Raptors Boys and Girls Basketball programs are overseen by the Arapahoe Youth League. Raptors Athletics offers two leagues for different goals and skill levels.

  • Boys and Girls Lacrosse – Previously the Cougars, The Raptors offer both boys and girls programs for lacrosse. The boys’ and girls’ clubs participate in lacrosse as part of the Arapahoe Youth League.

  • Baseball – There are several unique baseball leagues for different skill levels at Raptors Athletics. Baseball is one of the sports Raptor does best. The baseball program is a member of the Arapahoe Youth League.

  • Softball – The Raptors offers several types of softball programs led by experienced coaches.

Raptors Athletics Titles and Championships

The teams at Raptors are taught the skills and attitudes to be winners. While we can’t get into all the individual awards and titles the teams have won, let’s look at last league season for a taste:

AYL Girls Basketball 7th / 8th Grade – League Champions

AYL Boys Lacrosse – 2nd Grade White and Black Champions, 4th Grade Red Champions, 5th Grade Red Champions

Why People are Choosing Raptors Athletics

Many families have moved to Castle Rock and Castle Pines with Raptors Athletics being a major reason for the move. Raptors Athletics has the organization, staff, leadership, and resources to be certain your kid gets the most out of competitive youth sports. Games and practices are held at picturesque sites around Douglas County and kids are taught valuable life lessons that might even turn them into the next Lebron James, Mike Trout, or John Grant Jr.

Location for Practices and Games

Because Raptor Athletics hosts multiple teams in multiple sports, they utilize many different locations for practices and games, however most of the locations center around Castle Rock, Castle Pines, and Douglas County including:

  • Castle Rock High School
  • Douglas County High School
  • Douglas County Fairgrounds
  • Daniels Gate Park
  • Miller Activity Center
  • Coyote Ridge Park
  • Elk Ridge Park

For more information and to get your child enrolled in one of Raptor’s  great programs, visit their website or get in contact with their staff. If you’ve decided Raptors Athletics is the right program for your child(ren) then contact The Meissner Group about Homes for Sale in Castle Rock or Castle Pines Real Estate.