Parker Real Estate is just a phone call away.

Only a few years ago Parker, Colorado was considered off the beaten path but has now blossomed into one of Denver’s finest suburbs. Parker is now the second most populated town in Douglas County, behind Castle Rock. New construction and a modernized main street downtown is luring home buyers from all over Colorado and beyond.

The addition of shopping centers, several new-construction neighborhoods, and can’t miss Parker Days has transformed a tiny suburb into one of the most popular areas for families looking to live and play outside of Denver. Parker Real Estate is booming. Don’t let a hot market and great Parker neighborhoods pass you by, as a buyer or seller.

Parker Real Estate Demographics

  • Population: 48,442

  • Median Age: 35

  • Homeowners: 91%

  • Married: 66%

  • Families with Children Under 18: 60%

  • High School Degree or Higher: 97%

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher: 53%

  • Median Home Price: $504,000

  • Median Household Income: $113,836

  • Unemployment: 3.1%

  • Driving Distance Denver Tech Center: 14 mi

  • Driving Distance Downtown Denver: 25 mi

Quick Takeaways from Parker Demographics

Parker is a mix of both young and old though the town is getting younger by the year. Many new residents are young married families with children which makes single-family housing the most popular. You can’t miss that Parker’s households earn well over six figures which is necessary for the town’s cost of living and housing expenses, but with a low unemployment rate at just over 3%, Parker residents are working and spending money.

Parker Real Estate Trends

The main trend in Parker is one word – growth. Parker went from a tiny town of 5,450 in 1990 to a large suburb of 23,558 in 2000 and into a sprawling town of 45,297 in 2010, and it’s still growing today. Because Parker is full of young families, single-family residences are the hottest commodity. Real estate buyers  in Parker are looking for property close to amenities, close to outdoor recreation, and close to the avenues for travel and commuting.

Parker mirrors several other Denver suburbs with a high cost of living index rating of 155.6 by Sperling’s Best Places, compared to the national average of 100. Transportation and miscellaneous expenses account for the high cost of living but the real killer is housing at 252.3 (100 national average.) Parker’s higher than average household income helps absorb higher costs – but it’s a tough place to afford a home.

Parker is a great place to get an education. According to education resource The Best Schools, the Parker area averages an 8 out of 10 across all levels. Best School’s rankings are determined by a mixture of data including graduation rates, teacher to student ratio, admission and enrollment rates, and much more. Parker also hosts several private school options for different tastes and education mindsets.

Where Does Parker Hang Out?

If you’re buying or selling Parker Real estate, what is there for potential buyers to do?

Though Parker is primarily a suburb there are plenty of outdoor parks and recreation, miles of hiking and biking trails, restaurants, and multiple shopping centers where residents can buy groceries and take care of any errand imaginable.

Downtown Parker has also seen growth with several revitalized storefronts and locally owned shops from florists to crafts to appeal to everyone’s tastes. The popular Parker Recreation Center provides basketball courts, swimming pools, weight rooms, trainer-led classes and much more. Because Parker is a family-first suburb, there aren’t many clubs and other late-night activities, but multiple breweries and few pubs provide a great place to relax with local suds.

Last but not least, once a year Parker throws a huge 3-day concert and fair known as Parker Days. You can catch touring and local acts, ride rides, check out local vendors, and have some delicious fair food.

Buying Real Estate in Parker

As the cost of living index shows, you need deeper than average pockets to purchase property and housing in Parker. Why the soaring prices? New construction hasn’t met the new population’s demand making the market in Parker remarkably fierce. Most homes are on the market less than two weeks so potential buyers need to keep their eye on the MLS and meet with a determined real estate agent. Real Estate Resource RedFin scores Parker 85 out of 100 in competitiveness. Homes average just one offer and cash deals are popular due to the competitive nature of the market.

Selling Real Estate in Parker

If you can get your hands on Parker real estate, it won’t stay in them long. Parker is an ultra-competitive real estate market with both young professionals and retirees trying to stake out their claim in the booming suburb. It’s an ideal location to sell a home to a new family but you’ll run into one big problem – inventory. There are only around 1,000 active inventory listings in Parker so expect an easy sale if you can get your hands on the right property. Most homes sell in under two weeks.

Closing the Deal in Parker

Though some early signs indicate Denver metro’s housing bust may be slowing, right now you can’t call it anything but a seller’s market, especially in Parker. The population growth, family-oriented community, and low inventory make Parker a difficult market for real estate but profitable if you can get your foot in the door. All real estate professionals need to keep their eye on Parker, Colorado for any and all opportunities.