Buying a new construction home is an exciting process. You get to put the finishing touches on your new home, instead of purchasing what the original homeowner chose. As exciting as this process can be, there’s a misconception about new construction that says you don’t need a real estate agent. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a new construction buyer’s agent is vital to securing the best deal for you and your family. In fact, new construction builders often have the agent costs built into the purchase price. By not using an agent, you’re paying more for your home than you should.
Let us guide you through your new construction purchase and explain, in terms; you can understand, everything you should know. We pride ourselves on knowing the trends in new build neighborhoods. Our goal is to get the right house for our clients at the right price, whether it’s a foreclosure, short-sale, old build, or new construction.



Do you need a real estate agent for new construction?

Yes! You absolutely should employ a new construction buyer’s agent for your new build. Many new construction builds are priced based on comps in the neighborhood that are not an apples-to-apples comparison or do not take into account trends. In many cases, buyers will also be assessed additional fees based upon increased expenses in the neighborhood that wouldn’t affect old builds. Increased construction costs or permitting fees will often be added to purchase prices without buyers knowing. Having a real estate agent for new construction will save you money on your build. Money that could be used for upgrades.

How much does a new construction buyer’s agent cost?

Employing a real estate agent for your new construction purchase doesn’t cost what you think. Many builders have anticipated the cost of a buyer’s agent and have those numbers included in the sale price of your home, whether you use an agent or not. In most home sales transactions, the seller is required to pay the commissions, which means the buyer can only benefit from having an agent assist on the sale.

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