Moving from NJ to Colorado

2020 has been a weird year for everyone making more people flee the city for the suburbs than any other time in recent memory. There’s a mass movement of homeowners across the country as we speak but where are they going and why? One of the most common moves is from the crowded urban corridor of the New York and New Jersey area into the wide-open corridor of Colorado’s Front Range.

Colorado is a popular destination for New Jersey residents, but what makes it such a great place to move? Let’s learn why people are moving from New Jersey and some of the more popular Colorado neighborhoods they’re moving to. Colorado has many advantages of New Jersey – let’s learn them.

Moving from NJ to Colorado

Why People are Leaving New Jersey

No More Commuting

Many people lived in New Jersey for an easy commute into New York City or the surrounding urban area. When COVID caused many NYC-based offices to shut down, the need to commute disappeared. More people than ever before are working from home or remotely which means more people than ever are seeking the quiet and relaxed life of the suburbs. Why live in overpriced, crowded housing when you can get much more for your money on a quiet street?

COVID Concerns

The New York / New Jersey area is one of the most congested areas in the world. Whether it’s public transportation, living conditions, or walking down the sidewalk, you’re never more than a few feet away from someone in urban New Jersey.

While dense living has its excitement, it’s also the perfect environment for illness like COVID-19. When you can’t go to your local grocery store or ride the bus into work without facing contagious illnesses, what’s the advantage of living in the city? Because they don’t want to hole up in their urban home for months on end or face a high risk of infection, many New Jersey residents are moving to Colorado.

Advantages of Living in Colorado

More Room to Roam

New Jersey has both urban and rural areas, but city life in New Jersey is busy and crowded. While Colorado has several cities too, they aren’t close to the population of east coast metropolises. Whether you live in the ‘big city’ of Denver or the spread-out suburbs, there’s much more room to roam in Colorado. As a bonus, most neighborhoods and Colorado towns contain or are right next to trails and green space.

Better Home Prices

There’s no doubt that Colorado’s housing is increasing, but it doesn’t measure up to the price of many New Jersey area homes. In Colorado you can get much more home for the dollar and the homes have larger properties and yards compared to their New Jersey counterparts.

Better Tax Structure

When it comes to property and property-related taxes, New Jersey is on the high end. The East Coast has long been known for tough taxes on homeowners, but Colorado and its wild west mindset mean much more relaxed taxing. Not only will you save money on housing when moving to Colorado, you’ll save money come tax time too.

Five Great Neighborhoods in Colorado

Castle Rock

Consistently listed in the U.S. News Top 10 Small Towns, Castle Rock is a gem of a small town and only a stone’s throw away from Denver. Castle Rock is growing quickly but still loved for its small-town atmosphere and tight knit feel. Much of the development and things to do center around downtown Castle Rock and its dozens of locally owned shops and restaurants.

Castle Rock is home to both new developments and established older neighborhoods for all tastes. Downtown has now become a popular avenue for one to three-bedroom condos with traditional suburbs and their three to five bedrooms surrounding downtown. The median price of average Castle Rock home is $495,000.

Castle Pines

Just north of Castle Rock are the burgeoning and established residences of Castle Pines. Castle Pines has quickly blossomed in popularity thanks to new construction neighborhoods, new shopping and entertainment districts, and its proximity to the Denver Tech Center and south Denver medical facilities. Like Castle Rock, Castle Pines associates itself with a slower pace of life and plenty of outdoor love with dozens of miles of trail, golf courses, and acres of open space. The median price of average Castle Pines home is $654,000.


Centennial has shifted from a small collection of suburbs to medium sized city in the last twenty years thanks to an influx of residents who want to live close to the Denver Tech Center. Centennial is one of the most conveniently placed suburbs in the entire Denver metro with a short trip to the Denver Tech Center, less than half an hour to downtown, and tons of shopping and entertainment options located just south. Centennial mostly houses three to five-bedroom suburban homes. The median price of average Centennial home is $495,000.

Colorado Springs

Denver is one of the most popular cities for those moving to Colorado, but Colorado Springs is a better option if you prefer a better bang for your buck and want to get away from traditional big city problems. With a population of a half million, Colorado Springs is no small fry, but residents report a more relaxed pace of life and stronger family feel when moving from Denver to Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs is one of the most affordable towns in the Front Range corridor. The median price of average Colorado Springs home is $353,800.


Parker is an ideal town to enjoy a slower pace of life while still not too far from downtown Denver and the Denver Tech Center. Parker has its own Main St. and charming downtown filled with locally owned shops and dining. Though Parker is one of the more expensive Denver-area suburbs, the ample elbow room, small town feel, and proximity to trails and open space make it a popular destination if you’re moving to Colorado for the small western town attitude. The median price of an average Parker home is $520,000.

Connect with a Colorado Real Estate Agent

Colorado’s front range has become a popular destination for those moving from NJ to Colorado thanks to its relaxed pace of life and its easy taxing structure, on top of other reasons. There are several places to choose when moving to Colorado so connect with The Meissner Group to get more information. Colorado is getting more popular every day – make the move before it’s full.