Moving from California to Colorado

There haven’t been many years like 2020. 2020 has brought a record hurricane season, hotly contested election, wildfires, civil unrest, and more – all in the middle of a global pandemic. The dramatic turns of 2020 have many people rethinking major life decisions, like where they want to live.

Along with the above, 2020 has also seen a dramatic real estate turn, with thousands of residents fleeing areas like California for greener pastures in more open states like Colorado. Let’s learn some of the reasons people are moving from California to Colorado and where they’re moving to.

Moving from California to Colorado

Why People are Leaving California

Skyrocketing Rent and Housing Prices

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other major California cities have some of the most expensive (and increasing) housing costs in the country. After the pandemic closed many offices in major cities, their employees shifted to at-home or remote work, and the necessity to be closer to the office vanished. Because thousands of people are now working from home, there’s no need to live close to the office in an urban area.

Environmental Concerns

2020 has brought record wildfires to California and poor air quality with those wildfires. It’s tough to enjoy California if you’re forced inside your home but Colorado offers clean, mountain air. Colorado can also be victim to wildfires, but nothing close to what’s coming out of the west coast.

Advantages of Moving to Colorado

More Elbow Room

Colorado is popularly known for mountains and acres of open space and trails. Colorado suburbs offer large lots backed up to natural areas and wide-open adventure is normally no more than a half hour drive away. Castle Rock, for example, boasts 95 miles of trails.

Conservative Taxing

Colorado is much more relaxed with taxing structure compared to California. Though turning more progressive, Colorado has a historical basis of conservative taxing and still largely follows that approach today. You can expect overall lower taxes in Colorado.

Five Great Places to Move to in Colorado


Denver is Colorado’s most populous city and one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. Thousands of Americans from all over the country including California are flocking to Denver for its proximity to outdoor adventure, arts and culture, entertainment, and the laid-back Mile-High attitude. If you want the most options for dining, housing, entertainment, and more – you’re ready for Denver. If you’re coming from a larger California city like Los Angeles, Denver may seem small. But, you’ll soon see it has every bit as much to offer without all the traffic and tons of other benefits.

Types of Homes Available in Denver

Denver isn’t a cow town anymore so you can expect many different styles, types, and sizes of home. You can purchase a two-bedroom condo in the heart of the city to a sprawling nine-bedroom mansion with pool and private gym in the suburbs. Most homes in Denver average three to five bedrooms at a median price of $450,000. As more people have been moving from California to Colorado, we hear from those buyers that they can get so much more home for a fraction of what they paid in California. If Denver sounds like the right place to land, check out our Denver Homes for Sale and contact us with any questions.


Aurora is Denver’s largest suburb but is much quieter than the Mile-High City. Like Denver, Aurora has a multitude of entertainment, restaurants, and shopping, but in a slower, suburban setting. Aurora is also home to several new construction neighborhoods with features and amenities you’ll be hard pressed to find in any other Denver area community.

Types of Homes Available in Aurora

There’s a lot of housing variety in Aurora but most homes are built at one to two stories with three to five bedrooms. As mentioned above, Aurora has over a dozen brand new developments that are home to some of the most affordable housing in the entire area. The current median home price in Aurora home is $372,000. Check out our Homes for Sale in Aurora to find a property that meets your needs.


Parker is an ideal town if you prefer a small town feel but still want big city amenities a short drive away. Parker is a tight-knit community with several yearly events, a mix of old and new construction, and charming Main St. filled with locally owned shops and amenities. Parker also backs up to tons of outdoor recreation like golf, trails, and open space.

Types of Homes Available in Parker


Parker has a mix of small to large homes but most homes in Parker are 1 to ½ stories, in the ranch or craftsman style, and house three to five bedrooms. Parker is a great place if you want a larger lot or proximity to outdoor recreation. The current median home price for a Parker home is $518,000. Our Homes for Sale in Parker page has tons of amazing properties to choose from.

Castle Rock


Castle Rock has exploded in the last ten years as one of Denver’s most popular suburbs. Though developers have turned sleepy Castle Rock into a booming city, Castle Rock still comes with a pastoral feel and slower pace of life. You can find both locally owned shops and restaurants nestled in Castle Rock’s charming downtown with tons of recreation opportunities scattered around town.

Types of Homes Available in Castle Rock


Castle Rock now has an established downtown area with several multi-family condos from studios to five bedrooms. Most downtown condos were built within the past ten years and are filled with cutting edge amenities. If you desire as much space as possible, you can get out the downtown area into the wide-open Castle Rock suburbs. Castle Rock is mostly three to five-bedroom homes with the largest collective lot sizes of any of the communities on our list. The current median price of a Castle Rock home is $498,000. For an amazing selection, browse our Castle Rock Homes for Sale search page.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is home to some of the most affordable housing in the state. Unlike many of the most affordable communities in Colorado, Colorado Springs still has all the features and amenities you want and expect from a city like shopping, dining, and entertainment. Not to mention the surrounding Pike’s Peak region is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the state.

Types of Homes Available in Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs isn’t as large as Denver but at around 500,000, it’s no slouch. Because of the large population there are many home sizes and styles available from one story adobe stucco homes to stately slate-roofed manors in the foothills. Like Denver, it’s best to start directly with a real estate agent with you wants and needs and let the experts put together a list of viable homes. The current median price of a Colorado Springs home is $355,000. For a selection of Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs, search our site and contact us with any questions or to schedule a showing.

Moving From California to Colorado and Finding Your Perfect Home

Colorado has become a popular destination for Californians that want easier taxing and a more relaxed lifestyle. If you’re serious about moving, talk to The Meissner Group to find out more on these towns and the perfect home in them. With a our team, you’ll find the best home for your budget and can start your new life in the Centennial State. The Meissner Gorup specialized in out-of-state buyers and would be happy to schedule a virtual tour and work with you while moving from California to Colorado.