With a new downtown, new parks, and more shopping and dining opportunities than ever before, downtown Castle Rock is becoming the place to be in the Denver metro. It seems like everyone wants to move to Castle Rock, but housing and developments have been slow to keep up with population. Now Miller’s Landing will bring several new options for those living, working, and visiting in Castle Rock.

Miller’s Landing Castle Rock

  • Millers Landing

Castle Rock is a town of old and new. Many of the businesses surrounding downtown Castle Rock have been there for decades, but many new developments have joined to make Castle Rock filled with both history and amenities. Miller’s Landing seeks to blend the old and new of Castle Rock and give residents, employers, and visitors an amazing place to soak in the past and the present.

Miller’s Landing is a mixed-use blend of medical, hospitality, and retail options that can cater to just about anyone looking to set up shop in downtown Castle Rock. Castle Rock residents can get a checkup, get their teeth cleaned, shop, and dine all in one location.

Where’s Miller’s Landing?

Miller’s Landing is named for Philip S. Miller and is located on the northwest corner of Interstate 25 and Plum Creek Parkway, adjacent to Philip S. Miller Park. The development will cover 65 acres with more development in the works.

What’s Available at Miller’s Landing?

The future development will house a variety of mixed-use spaces but medical and hospitality is where Miller’s Landing shines.

  • Medical Offices – Miller Landing’s integrated medical clinic and wellness center will feature over 120,000 square feet of mixed-use medical building. The clinic and wellness center is appropriate for any medical specialties or dentistry practices.

  • Hospitality Options – Miller’s Landing will host two hotels for any visitors to Castle Rock. The hotels will contain close to 450 rooms and approximately 50,000 square feet of conference facilities. Miller’s Landing planned hospitality options can house small families up to large-scale corporate retreats.

  • Retail and Entertainment – The new development will contain 300,000 square feet devoted to retail, entertainment, and dining options. If you are interested in renting a space for your restaurant or shop, you’re encouraged to contact developers immediately before space fills up.

  • Mixed Office Space – You don’t have to be a dentist or restaurateur to grab your space at Miller’s Landing. The development will host over 600,000 square feet of devoted office space for a variety of industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech start up with only a handful of employees or a corporate heavyweight with hundreds of employees, Miller’s Landing has the space to accommodate.

Things to Do Near Miller’s Landing

You can walk outside of Miller’s Landing and only be a few feet away from Castle Rock’s crown jewel of Philip S. Miller Park. In 2019 Philip S. Miller Park saw more than 1 million visitors and hosts several events and activities throughout the year.

Having an office or restaurant also puts you on the doorstep of Castle Rock’s surging downtown. Any tenants at Miller’s Landing are on the doorstep of several more dining, shopping, and entertainment options, including all the new residences popping up in downtown Castle Rock. Residents could potentially live in downtown, play in downtown, and work downtown with Miller’s Landing.

Neighborhoods Around Miller’s Landing

If you’re interested in Miller’s Landing and want to secure nearby residence, there are a few different options for a variety of different home-buyer.

  • Riverwalk Castle RockRiverwalk Castle Rock is a brand-new mixed-use facility that features dining and work options, but also a variety of living arrangements for those who want to live and work in downtown Castle Rock. The Riverwalk is ideal for young professionals and small families who want a lot to do directly from their doorstep.

  • Plum Creek – Miller’s Landing will be located at I-25 and Plum Creek Parkway but a short drive down Plum Creek Parkway brings you to the Plum Creek neighborhood. Plum Creek has a more suburban feel than living downtown but is a great choice for large families or kids that need more space to roam. If you need a great location and more than 3 bedrooms, Plum Creek is an excellent neighborhood and a hop and skip from Miller’s Landing.

  • Young American – The Young American neighborhood is slightly newer than Plum Creek but similar in 3-4 bedroom housing options. The Young American neighborhood is close enough to downtown for a short drive, but far enough away to get you closer to the open space and greenery that helps make Castle Rock so popular.

Get More Out of Castle Rock with Miller’s Landing

If you’re a dentist, chef, or any other number of professional, Miller’s Landing will get you directly on the doorstep of the people and resources of Douglas County and the town of Castle Rock. Potential tenants are encouraged to reach out to Miller’s Landing right away before all spaces disappear. If you’re looking to buy a home near Millers’ Landing Castle Rock, contact The Meissner Group today.