When selling your home, you have two major goals. The most important is to get the home sold but the second is to get as much money for your home or property as you can. There are many tools and techniques to make your home appealing but one of the gold standards of selling a home is the open house.

The open house is an important task to show the home off in its best light, achieve interest, and eventually score a nice price on the home’s sale. If you’ve never sold your home before let’s learn more about open houses including what they are, how to prepare for yours, and tips from real estate experts on conducting the perfect open house.


What is an Open House?

An open house is a scheduled period in which a home or property for sale is open to viewing. You are opening the house to allow for others to see. Pictures can only show so much of a home, but an open house allows potential buyers to walk around, open cabinets, check closets, understand what the house is all about, and decide if they want to buy.

How to Prepare for an Open House

The more time you have to prepare for an open house, the better. You might think you can knock everything out over a weekend, but a great open house takes weeks to prepare. Though you aren’t technically required to do anything but open your doors, the modern buyer expects a perfect home. What does that entail?

First Steps

The first steps are to take care of big-ticket items, specifically on the exterior of your property. First step items include increasing your curb appeal with fresh flowers and paint, making any major exterior repairs like replacing your roof, or deciding on major interior repairs like replacing a water heater. Again, the level of work is up to you, but a great looking home is more likely to sell and for more money.

Week Before Showing

The week before showing you should start on other large tasks including decluttering, removing all personal items, and starting on your deep clean. A deep clean means cleaning and organizing every part of your home that prospective buyers might see. If you don’t have the time you can hire a cleaning service that specializes in pre-showing prep.

You should also consult with a staging company about re-arranging or adding items to make your home more appealing. You might add some new curtains or replace your entire living room furniture set. Work with your agent during this process for insider tips.

Day Before Showing

Go room to room and double check that are no personal items left behind or anything else you missed. Take out the trash then light a candle, bake cookies, or otherwise give the home a pleasant scene for visitors to enjoy.

Get out of there! You’ve done your work so get out of the home and take some time to yourself while your real estate agent does the rest.

Open House Tips for Sellers

  • Schedule an open house early into your listing. There’s no reason to delay a showing or open house if your home is ready. The sooner potential buyers see the home, the quicker it can become sold.
  • Leave your personality behind. Remove anything quirky, kitschy, and say goodbye to random tchotchkes. You want to create a neutral appearance so prospective owners can imagine their lives in the home as they see it.
  • Never let yourself be the only judge of your home. Have over friends or family for third-party recommendations on making your home better.
  • Advertise, broadcast, and market your open house. There’s no point in an open house if no one shows up. Your real estate agent should help post your open house on as many outlets as possible.

Best Time for Open House

Numbers don’t lie. Thanks to modern analytics we know when potential homebuyers are looking for open houses and there’s one timeframe that stands above all else – Sunday afternoon. More people search ‘open houses near me’ on Sundays between 8 and 11 AM than any other time of the week making Sunday afternoon the best time for the most foot traffic. Saturday is the second most popular day for open houses. If you can, schedule double showings on Sundays.

Open Houses and Your Real Estate Agent

There are many universal tips for open houses, but every home is different and will have its own subtleties and tasks for open houses. A great local real estate time like the Meissner Group can evaluate your home, communicate what people are looking for, and help you prep your home so its warm and welcoming to any visitors.

Open Your House and Getting it Sold

An open house gets more buyers’ eyes on your home and can get it sold quickly. Start your open house process several days before the scheduled showing, work with your real estate agent, and remember your open house will do as well as the work you put into it. If you’re ready to get your home sold call the realty team at The Meissner Group to discuss open houses and more today.