Best Neighborhoods in Parker CO

Only twenty years ago, Parker CO was mostly farmland but has now become one of the most sought-after suburbs in the entire Denver metro area. Parker is close to the hundreds of jobs at the Denver Tech Center but has carved out its own niche thanks to a combination of great neighborhoods, small town charm, and plenty of things to do.

If you’ve set your sights on moving to Parker, you need a taste on what it has to offer. Let’s preview four of the best neighborhoods in Parker, what makes them great, and what types of homes and prices you can expect.


Live in the Pinery for Largest Selection

The Pinery is so large (10,000+ residents) and full of so many homes (2000+) that it is now considered its own census-designated area. It might seem like a tall task cramming so many residents into one area but thanks to a master plan the Pinery offers residents large properties, plenty of walking and biking trails, local parks, and much more. Because the Pinery has become so popular, a new offshoot neighborhood known as the Timbers at the Pinery is under construction for more residents.

Types of Homes Available in the Pinery

Again, the Pinery is huge which means there’s plenty of selection for single family homes. Most homes in the Pinery were built in the last thirty to forty years so they have modern appliances, heating and cooling systems, and shouldn’t cost you much in renovations and repairs on purchase. The most popular homes in the Pinery are four to five-bedroom residences which will run prospective homeowners approximately $550 to $700,000.

Try Downtown Parker for Things to Do

Parker is exploding but thanks to Main Street and Downtown, it still has a small town feel that’s appealing for many trying to escape the hustle of nearby Denver. Parker’s downtown is a mixture of independently owned shops, boutiques, and restaurants all within walking distance of residential neighborhoods.

Downtown is also home to several annual events and festivities including the popular Parker Days, a three-day mix of live music, carnival style entertainment, and family friendly fun. While there are no distinct downtown neighborhoods your best bet is searching for homes off Stonehenge Way, Willow Park Drive, and Riva Ridge Drive.

Types of Homes Available in Downtown Parker

Downtown Parker hosts some of the most desirable homes in the entire Denver metro area so expect low inventory and high prices. Most homes near downtown are older, have four+ bedrooms, and yard space for any little ones to roam. Prices for homes near downtown Parker vary heavily depending on the condition of the home but expect to pay at least $500 to $700,000 for a four-bedroom home near downtown.

Live in Cottonwood for Access and Affordability

Several Parker residents commute to the Denver Tech Center or into downtown Denver. If ease of access and great location is important for you, consider the Cottonwood neighborhood. Cottonwood’s location is close to E-470, Parker Road, and Main Street to get you in or out efficiently.

Types of Homes in Available Cottonwood

Cottonwood is one of the more affordable areas of Parker but doesn’t sacrifice amenities or proximity to things to do. Cottonwood’s affordability is thanks in part to smaller homes when compared to other neighborhoods like the Pinery, making this a great neighborhood for young families. Prospective Cottonwood residents can expect to pay anywhere from $325 to $400,000 for a three-bedroom home and up to $500,000 for larger or newer residences.

Live in Stroh Ranch for a Well-Rounded Neighborhood

Just south of downtown, Stroh Ranch is a great mixture of modern homes, amenities, and quick access to Parker’s main thoroughfares. Like the Pinery, Stroh Ranch neighborhood hosts many three to five-bedroom single family homes but unlike many other Parker neighborhoods, also has a large selection of condos. Stroh Ranch is one of the newer neighborhoods in Parker.

Types of Homes Available in Stroh Ranch

Parker is dominated by single family homes but if you hate taking care of a lawn or don’t need tons of space, consider the condos of Stroh Ranch. One to bedroom condos will cost prospective homeowners approximately $225 to $300,000 while three to four-bedroom homes average $450 to $650,000. Most homes and condos were built in the 1990s and 2000s so expect new appliances, amenities, and no need for large scale renovations.

Finding the Best Neighborhood in Parker CO for You

Parker is one of the hottest markets in the Denver metro but is an ideal place to call home. If you want elbow room, small town charm, or a quieter place to raise your family, Parker is the right fit for you. Only you can decide what are the best neighborhoods in Parker CO, but we can help. Explore individual neighborhoods further or work with The Meissner Group to find the best Parker neighborhood for you.