Rob Meissner Introduces The American Dream TV to Castle Rock

Anyone who has spent time in Castle Rock knows it’s a unique place. Castle Rock is the odd blend of sprawling suburbs, fantastic shops, restaurants, and booming construction, while still giving residents the small town feel that helps make Castle Rock so special.

In a shoot for American Dream TV and their “Professionals from Your Neighborhood” segment local Keller Williams realtor Rob Meissner sat down with Castle Rock’s mayor and local business owners to discuss what makes Castle Rock such a unique environment.

Co-owners of Castle Rock’s 105 West Brewing Company John Manka and Eric Seuffert have been slinging brews for residents for several years, but both are transplants. Manka and Seufert tell Meissner they were immediately drawn to Castle Rock’s beauty, sense of community, and bustling downtown. Mayor Jason Gray moved to Castle Rock in 1998 as part of his job path but when offered a transfer back to his former Alaska, Gray decided he wanted to stay. “I’d never thought I’d be Mayor, but I thought we could get involved in the community.” Castle Rock developer Shawn Temple of Miller’s Landing tells Meissner it was his drive down Happy Canyon Road into the heart of Castle Rock that sealed the deal.

No matter where they come from, all in Meissner’s American Dream video have cut a piece of the American dream for themselves in Castle Rock thanks to the beauty, community, and opportunities.

Rob Meissner and The Meissner Group has served Colorado as a certified realtor for 19 years and the Castle Rock area for 15. Rob’s goal is to help other Castle Rock residents achieve their version of the American Dream.

American Dream TV

American Dream TV is a network formed to cut ties with negative and slanted reporting and give Americans a real feel for what’s going on in their communities. American Dream TV was created by Craig Sewing, CEO of Ignite Now Media. From the ground up Sewing has built American Dream TV into an entrepreneurial media model. American Dream TV is not owned or directed by any media conglomerate and hosts a free fun-willing style you can’t find on today’s cable news.

The spirit behind American Dream TV is that the American Dream is not just owning the fanciest house on the block but a mindset to dream and do big things in this country. American Dream TV explores that mindset not with talking head pundits, but with your neighbors.

If you need to lift your spirits and check in on your neighbors working towards their dreams, head to American Dream TV’s website or check out their social media pages.